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Hello beautiful children :)

I joined this community because I have family everywhere. I'm half Greek and the other main parts of my heritage are French and Irish. HOWEVER I'm Scottish, Italian and I have Egyptian family (my immediate family isn't sure if we're Egyptian, though.)

I live in the 'States,' though I don't think I'm quite proud of that...sssshh! My name is Alexandra, but leave it as Alex.

I've lived in Greece for short periods of time and I love it. I'm also dying to visit Italy, France, Spain, England...(it's a long list, and that's just Europe) for the same amounts of time. I'd also love to go to India, Thailand, Brazil, and Egypt. I hope someday I'll be able to visit all those countries...heh, well I could if I just *stumble* upon a lot of money, but that'll never happen. :(

I'm learning Greek and French (have been for a while.) As of this year, my sister will be taking Italian and teaching me.

Ahh...so I'll stop rambling now. Seems like a cool community, and umm...I'll try to advertise incessantly for it??? lol. :)

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