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12:12am 24/05/2006
mood: artistic
Hello, everybody! I have looked down the community and found it interesting, simple =)
In addition I'm studying English.

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LOOKING FOR THE DOG ! ! ! PLEASE HELP ! ! ! (schnauzer female) 
04:52pm 06/06/2005
  Near the Slovakia, Svidnik there was an accident with the bus that came back from the European Dog Show 2005. There was lost a schnauzer female, pepper and salt. Nine months. Small – 45 sm. Tatoo 3MB0204 on the right ear. It might be frightened and be afraid of people. It might have a yellow anti-bug collar. Please inform us if you know anything. The reward is guaranteed.
Contact information:

+7 095 442 35 07, +7 903 711 83 06, +7 903 759 61 14, +7 903 204 92 49.

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Hello Everybody 
11:38pm 06/02/2005
mood: curious
I'm a swedish girl that joined this community because it gives me the chance to interact with people from other countries in europe. I live in the northern part of Sweden,close to the border to Finland. I speak fluent swedish and english. Right now i'm studying french at university in Luleå and I can put together a senctence or two in french.
In Sweden, a lot of people are not interested in the European Union and especially in the northern parts and it's mostly because we feel that the power is moving further and further away from the people. I'm of that opinion that if we have joined we should make the best of it and try to form bonds with the other countries in Europe.

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06:46pm 11/09/2004
mood: excited
Um, hi again! :-)

I've noticed both of you (*g*) are into languages, so I thought about shamelessly pimping er, telling you about this community I made: pronunciation! It's about, well, reading things out loud and posting them, which I think would be useful for people that are learning languages.


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06:56pm 31/08/2004
mood: content
Hello! Heh. I came across this community and felt the need to join! *g*

I'm from Spain. I speak Spanish and English, and have been learning French for three years now (mais mon français est très mal). I have some family in Sweden (I started learning Swedish a week ago cause I love it!), an aunt that half-lives in the UK (but she's here right now) and a cousin moving to Berlin next Autumn! So uh, yeah.

Nice to meet you. :-)

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11:54am 24/08/2004
mood: amused
Hello beautiful children :)

I joined this community because I have family everywhere. I'm half Greek and the other main parts of my heritage are French and Irish. HOWEVER I'm Scottish, Italian and I have Egyptian family (my immediate family isn't sure if we're Egyptian, though.)

I live in the 'States,' though I don't think I'm quite proud of that...sssshh! My name is Alexandra, but leave it as Alex.

I've lived in Greece for short periods of time and I love it. I'm also dying to visit Italy, France, Spain, England...(it's a long list, and that's just Europe) for the same amounts of time. I'd also love to go to India, Thailand, Brazil, and Egypt. I hope someday I'll be able to visit all those countries...heh, well I could if I just *stumble* upon a lot of money, but that'll never happen. :(

I'm learning Greek and French (have been for a while.) As of this year, my sister will be taking Italian and teaching me.

Ahh...so I'll stop rambling now. Seems like a cool community, and umm...I'll try to advertise incessantly for it??? lol. :)


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07:58pm 21/08/2004
mood: happy
Hello everybody, I made this community today because recently I've met so many people from within Europe who are interested in eachother's languages and cultures, so this would be the ideal place on LJ to meet other people interested in this. Of course you don't have to be from Europe to join, infact you don't have to meet any criterion except that you have a genuine interest in Europe really...

So have fun and enjoy the community. =o)

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